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Demographics are a fascinating insight into the health of any given area and how that area could develop into the future. One of the best ways to observe demographics is through the Census, due to it's nature as the breakdown of it's country's population at the given moment. 


One of the most effective ways to displaying demographics visually is through use of the population pyramid-- 2 bar graphs abutted to each other signifying sex, while the horizontal bars designate the percentage of the population contained within it's age group. A simple graphic that holds a lot of information. However, it is not beautiful, and I felt there was a way to illustrate this population breakdown in a way that is both inherently easy to understand and beautiful. 


The 4 rings each show a difference phase in a population's growth (rapidly expanding, expanding, stationary, and constricting), where the ring moves from being bloated at the bottom to being top heavy. Visually, overall, it's easier to understand the health of the country at a glance. 

Set up as a poster series, these population rings could easily be used as a teaching tool at high school levels for relevant classes. At the bottom of the individual posters is a breakdown of the country's population by region.

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